Concrete Internal Steel Structure Rebar Scanning Services


The StructureScan Mini is GSSI's portable integrated GPR system for concrete inspection.

This handheld unit is used to locate rebar. conduits. post-tension cables. voids and determine concrete slab thickness. With a 1600 MHz antenna, and depth penetration of up to 20 inches (50cm), the StructureScan Mini offers the perfect blend of data resolution and depth. Used worldwide, it has quickly become the standard for concrete imaging.

Additionally, the StructureScan Mini is available with 2D or 3D capabilities, flexible for your job site needs.

  • All-in-One handheld GPR system
  • Ergonomic handle and controls
  • Easy to use operator interface with color screen display screen
  • Survey wheel encoder
  • Guiding laser for locating and 3D surveying