Diamond Drilling / Core Drilling


We at Indo Spark Construction Services provide Diamond Wire Sawing Work Services, Vibration Free Concrete Breaking / Demolition / Cutting Work Services using specialized machines and equipment. We provide this service all over India as well as the neighbouring countries. We are proud of the speed at which we can undertake and complete even the most complex drilling operations. Diamond drilling is the most versatile and efficient method of forming holes and openings in a wide range of material from heavy reinforced concrete and natural stone to bricks.

Key Features :

  • Dust and vibration free
  • Flexible power sources
  • Lightweight drilling machines
  • High performance automated rigs
  • Hole diameter from 8mm to 600mm
  • Low noise output
  • Clean & safe surface finish
  • Dry drilling when required
  • Deep drilling upto 5 meters
  • Horizontally and vertically core drilling possible
  • Most useful for removing broken foundation bolts