Diamond Floor Sawing Work Services


We at Indo Spark Construction Services provide Diamond Floor Sawing Work Services, Vibration Free Concrete Breaking / Demolition / Cutting Work Services using specialized machines and equipment. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Pune (Maharashtra, India). We provide this Service all over India and in the neighbouring countries as well. When you need to slice through heavily reinforced concrete or asphalt our range of high output precision equipments gives clean edges and aids in the cutting out of unwanted section separately suited to horizontal surface such as RCC slabs concrete road, runways, and pavements. We can cut up to a depth of 330mm and achieve the result in a very short time.

Key Features :

  • No noise
  • Precise cutting of reinforced concrete and asphalt
  • Vibration free concrete cutting for refurbishment
  • Used to remove defective concrete
  • Dust free
  • Skilled and experienced workers & operators
  • Accessible in congested areas

We can achieve the cutting of internal floor slabs up to 330mm thick quickly and quietly with no fumes in location such as supermarket, factories and hospital, where speed of operation and appreciation of the sensitive nature of the location is important. Expansion joints can be cut quickly and accurately with our self propelled joint cutting saws.